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We do not collect any identifiable information on purpose, except what is available via our standard server configuration. We do track our visitors, so we know how many there are and where you come from. We also collect minor statistics provided by server-side web analytical software - we want to improve what we've started, and analytics helps. A lot.

About Cookies

At this moment we don't intentionaly set any cookies. We reserve the right to do so in the future. Cookies are harmless text files that your browser stores in memory. They are used to provide visitors with richer user experience. For instance, we may want to show you an Area Code you checked out last time you visited our site.

About Minors

Content of this site is absolutely safe to use by minors.


We offer advertising on our website. Some of it we control and monitor, and some, such as Google Adsense, are 3rd party that we do not control. There may be times when an ad will be displayed through 3rd party ad systems that is unrelated, offensive, spammy or unsuitable for minors. We will do our best to block such ads, but we'd like to inform our visitors that this can happen out of our control.