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Area Code 720 Information

Area Code 720 Map State: CO - Colorado
Active: True

Area codes 303 and 720 are telephone area codes serving the state of Colorado. They cover Boulder, Longmont, Aurora, Denver, Highlands Ranch and other areas in central Colorado. Area code 303 is overlayed with Area code 720, meaning that the same physical service area is served by both area codes (303 and 720) and that 10-digit dialing is required for all calls made within the service area. Originally, all of Colorado was served by the 303 area code but as the population grew, an impending phone number shortage forced a split of the state's area codes (now into three calling areas: 303/720, 719 and 970). The area currently served by 303/720 was originally served by only the 303 area code after the Colorado area code splits.

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